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Suits – Episode Recap: S01E09 – Undefeated

Suits – Episode Recap: S01E09 – Undefeated

Plot: Harvey is brought on to help with a class action lawsuit involving an oil company while engaging in battle with an unknown foe. He must decide whether he will compromise his ethical code when it is clear that it is the only way he will win this case. Meanwhile, Rachel is suspected of disloyalty to the firm and Mike must defend her when it is clear that things are not what they appear to be.

Episode Recap: Undefeated
Emerson Petroleum is the defendant in a class action suit that Pearson & Hardman is spearheading. Kenny Verdasco, and 200 other people who attended his high school, have cancer. The lawsuit claims that an old oil well the company owned and operated was positioned under the high school and is the direct cause of the cancer.

But just when the deposition looks to be going Jessica Pearson’s way, Travis Tanner appears. He’s a handsome, slick lawyer for the oil company and he hands them evidence of Kenny’s past life… evidence that shows that his parents smoked, he was exposed to hazardous chemicals in the Army and he has a “record” of frivolous lawsuits. But that’s not all…

Travis walks into Harvey’s office and picks a fight, bragging that the oil company hired him because he’s the best lawyer in New York City. It turns out that the two high-profile lawyers are old rivals from high school. It’s a challenge. Harvey goes to Jessica and asks her to let him take over the case. Jessica tells Harvey to go kick his butt.

Episode Credits
Director: Félix Enríquez Alcalá (Felix Alcala)
Writers: Aaron Korsh, Rick Muirragui
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